What is Boleto Turistico, why do you need it and where to buy it?

Tourist pass (Boleto Turistico) gives an access to many museums of Cusco, ruins around the city and archaeological complexes of the Sacred Valley of the Incas (in total 16 places of interest). You can enter these places only if you have a tourist pass, therefore, if you want to visit these places, you will have to purchase the pass.


There are 2 types of Boleto Turistico: daily pass and pass for 10 days.
Price for 10 days pass: 130/S (130 Soles, about $47)

Price for a daily pass: 70/S (70 Soles, about $25)

Where to buy: Cusco, Avenida Sol, Galerias Turisticas (in the building of the National Art Museum (Museo de Arte Popular))