How to calculate budget for Peru travel?

In order to estimate the travel budget you need to know first what the budget must include.

1. Flight

As usual, this is an expensive part. Better to plan the travel dates starting out from flight prices. Check various options for different dates. Flight price for two adjacent days can be different. Here you can find the best offers of all airlines in the given directions.

Don’t forget to add airport taxes that you will have to pay in the airports.

2. Accommodation

In Peru you can find accommodation for any budget starting from free agreement with the members and cheap hostels for $5-8 per night to the 5 star hotels for $250-300 and more per night.
Here is the more detailed information  about all types of accommodation and their prices

3. Food 

This is not too expensive item of the budget. In Peru you can have delicious and various meals for a small amount of money. For example? you can find restaurants where a combo meal consisting of a soup/salad, main course and drink is only for 6-15 Soles ($2.5-6). The markets are always full of cheap and very tasty fruit and vegetables. But if you decide to try local traditional meals like cuy (guinea pig) or ceviche, it will cost you more – from 10 to 50 Soles ($3.5-18) per meal.
More detailed information about food and the costs is given here.

4. Travel between the cities

Buses are usual means of transportation for travel within the country. You can check the bus fares for required destinations in the sites of the bus companies. There is air communication between some cities (Lima-Cuzco, Lima-Arequipa, etc.) Bus fares are about $8-40 depending on the distance and service level. Return domestic flights are in average $80 to $150.

You can also rent a car, but the Peru roads are not easy to drive – you need to be prepared for that.
More detailed information about the Peruvian transport and links for the sites of airlines and bus companies is given here.

5. Tours

This mostly depends on how and what you want to see. There are cheap tours for one or half a day for $10-20. But all classical tours (Inca Trail, Machu Picchu, Amazon Jungle, Manu National Park etc.) will be expensive ($200 or more). Here you can select the most interesting tours, plan your route and calculate the total cost.

6. Souvenirs

Unlike many other countries, you can take home a lot more interesting, high quality and cheap souvenirs. This can be jewellery, alpaca clothes, woven fabric, games, ceramics, pressed chocolate paste or local coffee, alcohol and many other things. Prices start from 1 Sole ($0.3) for trinkets, but even bigger souvenirs are not that expensive (for example alpaca sweater is 30-60 Soles ($12-25).     

More detailed information about souvenirs and prices is here.
So, if you:  

1. find out airfare for the dates you want to travel

2. select hostel/hotel/apartment more suitable for you

3. estimate how much you want to spend for food per day

4. plan a complete route including travel between the cities and all tours you want to visit

5. allocate a budget for souvenirs and contingent expenses
and you will get the full cost of your trip.