Learn Spanish in Peru

Spanish Language in the world

There are 450 to 500 million people speaking Spanish worldwide. By learning Spanish you will feel at ease not only in Spain, but in almost all countries of Latin America and in number of US States (esp. the ones that are closer to the Mexican border).  

Among the Countries to visit for the purpose of learning Spanish, Peru is one of the first. Why?

First of all let’s consider the criteria used to select the Country to study a language:

1. Cost of accommodation and education

2. How interesting is the place (Country, city) itself; does it have many places of interest?

3. Linguistic peculiarities of the region (“purity” of the language)

What does Peru offer?

1. Cost of accommodation and education

Accommodation and education in Latin America is several times cheaper than in Spain. The same number of lessons and days of living in Peru may be 6-8 times cheaper as compared to Spain. For example, one week intensive language courses in Cuzco schools will cost you about 120 USD a week (4 hours of Spanish a day, 5 days a week). Living with a Peruvian family or in a rented apartment will also cost about 120 USD a week.

2. How interesting is the place (Country, city) itself; does it have many places of interest?

Peru, without doubt is the most interesting country from the point of natural variety and historical places. The students will have an opportunity to live and study in the capital of the Inca Empire, where the traces of the great civilisation can be seen at every turn. From here you can take tours to more remote places like Machu Picchu, Manu National Park, Titicaca Lake, the Amazon jungles, etc.

3. Linguistic peculiarities of the region (“purity” of the language)

Peruvians have good pronunciation; therefore even the people who are not fluent in Spanish can easily communicate with them. Not every country in Latin America has such a common clarity of speech amongst its population. Both your teachers and the population of the city you will choose to live will annunciate clearly. You can practice in shops, cafe and restaurants; interact with people in the museums or in the streets.

What city in Peru is better to visit?

Cusco is the first choice among Peru’s cities, and it is not by chance. You will not feel bored even if you stay here for a long time. You can familiarise with rich culture, visit museums, ruins, study surrounding areas and even have a trip to jungles while living in the capital of the Incan Empire. Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley of the Incas, the Amazon jungle and many other places are near to hand.

There are many language schools in Cusco. Here are some of them:

Wiracocha school http://www.wiracochaschool.org/

I have working relationship with this school, and gladly recommend it to those wishing to learn Spanish. The tutors are highy approachable, and Students study in a small groups, allowing them to ineract, whilst being educated virtually individually. The teachers are friendly and are happy to assist students acclimatise to the local area. Once a week the school offers optional free lessons of Salsa, cooking, music, or ceramic painting.  The school is located at the heart of the city centre, in a nice Spanish colonial building with a courtyard and garden. You will like Wiracocha if you appreciate a homely atmosphere.

Wiracocha school offers different types of standard and specialised courses:

Intensive Spanish Course

Immersion Spanish Course

Spanish Part-time Course

Super Intensive Spanish Course

Spanish Individual Courses

DELE Preparation Course

Spanish + Tourism and Travel

Spanish + Salsa



There are many various schools in Cuzco, below is information about two more popular schools. You should gather as much information as possible about the school before choosing it. You can contact previous students and receive their reviews. You can easily find them on Facebook.


Don Quijote http://www.donquijote.org/

Don Quijote Spanish language school has branches in many cities and Countries and one of them is a partner school in Cuzco. As it is a famous school, the prices are higher here than in other places, but you will receive real lively student life while living in Peru.  

Amauta school http://www.amautaspanish.com/

This school, as many other schools, also offer various Spanish language courses. The school is located not far from the main square of the city. The students can choose from two accommodation options: living with a host family, or in the student residence in the same building as the school.