Accommodation: hotels, hostels, apartments

In Peru you can find a range of accommodation to suit all budgets. This can include free agreements with the CouchSurfing members or the volunteer programs and luxurious 5-star hotels. Intermediate options for average budget are hostels of various levels and cost, fair 3 star hotels, rental apartments, or living with a Peruvian family.


Hostels, hotels

Cost of living in the cheapest hostels is 5-8 USD per night. But be prepared to share a very modest and not always clean room with 10-15 people, which may not have a hot shower.

Separate room for double occupancy in a hostel will cost you 20-25 USD;

Quite pleasant 3 star hotels in Cusco and Arequipa are 20-30 USD per night per person in double rooms.

Peru will gladly offer you 5 star hotels if you are ready to pay 250 USD and more per night.

It is worth noting that the hotels in Aguas Calientes. This is a town where tourists stop during trips to Machu Picchu. The prices for accommodation and food are substantially higher here. The price for a room in 3 star hotels can cost you 60-90 USD per night.

When booking a hotel or hostel you need to ask about the availability of water at night. In some regions of Peru the water (both cold and hot) is switched off from 11 pm to 5 am, which may complicate the life of a tourist not used to such conditions. But most of the hotels have their own water tanks.

However, you will not be able to find information about all Peru hotels and hostels on the Internet. There is more hotels and hostels than are listed on the Internet. Therefore you can book a hotel or hostel for couple of nights and then find another place after your arrival.



You can rent an apartment too. It especially makes sense if you are planning to stay here for a long time. Still it is better and easier to rent an apartment after you arrive in the country. You can walk in the street, look around; often the apartment rental ads are posted on the doors. The cost depends on some factors: number of rooms, location, quality, rental period, etc. You can try to find an apartment via Internet, but this method is not widely used and there are only few offers. You can find further information here:

You can, for example, rent one bedroom apartment (60 sq.m.) near city centre for 550 Soles (about 190 USD) for a month. The site also offers rooms for 8 Soles (about 3 USD) per day, but these apartments are rather far from the city centre.

The database of site contains more than 800 offers from home owners who want to accommodate tourists. However, if you decide to use this option be careful: most of these people either work in a travel agency, or in a sales department of a hotel or are guides and they will try to sell you something. Peru is a poor country and this is a normal practice everywhere.

However, this database also includes offers from expats (foreigners) who live and work in Peru and from entrepreneurs – owners of small companies who need volunteer labour. This experience may be interesting as well.

Therefore, make a decision, make your choice, but be careful.


Living with a Peruvian family

If in addition to visiting the country you plan to learn Spanish, the language school you selected will help with accommodation. All schools offer living with a Peruvian family. This is a good option, as you will have your own room and separate or combined shower and toilet. Nobody will bother you; you can have breakfast and dinner with the family members. This is a good additional language practice, the opportunity to see Peruvian life from inside and learn so many things that you would hardly see otherwise. The Peruvians are very hospitable and open, in addition to having a place to live you will also receive lots of helpful advices on where to go, how to get there, which restaurant offers the most tasty and inexpensive cuy (guinea-pig), etc. The cost of living is about 100 USD per week including meals.

You can write to several schools and ask for help even if you don’t plan to learn Spanish. They may cooperate with you, this is a routine practice.

If you don’t wish to live with a family, the school will offer you to rent an apartment. Usually they have a significant database of vacant apartments or available rooms in the apartments for students. Usually these are quite decent apartment with convenient location and in good condition. The cost of such apartment is 100 USD per week excluding meals. The cost of a room rented via schools will be about 80 USD per week.