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  • Puya Raimondii

    Puya Raimondii


    Puya Raimondii is an ancient, very rare  and the largest bromeliad in the world; it is an endemic species of the altoandina zone of Peru. In some preserved areas of Peru and Bolivia you can see its gigantic inflorescence reaching up to 10 m height and 2.5 m diameter. Due to its size the Puya Raimondii is considered to be the largest inflorescence in the world.

  • Qoyllur Rit’I Festival

    Qoyllur Rit’I Festival


    Qoyllur Rit’i is celebrated at the end of May – beginning of June and continues for several days. Qoyllur Rit’i in Quechua means “Snow Star”. This festival is held at Sinakara, at the foot of Mount Ausangate.

  • Chicha



    Chicha is a term used in Peru and some other regions of Latin America for several varieties of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Chicha is most commonly made from maize. It is traditionally prepared from a specific kind of yellow maize (jora). The alcohol content in the drink may differ depending on preparation, but in average, it is about 5.5%.

  • Unique language of Aymara Indians

    Unique language of Aymara Indians


    The Aymara are an indigenous ethnic group, living in the Lake Titicaca basin, in the border regions of Peru, Bolivia and Chile. The Aymara still retain many traditions of their ancestors, but their most interesting feature is their language.

  • The symbology of 3 and Incan commandments

    The symbology of 3 and Incan commandments


    Number 3 had a great significance for Incas. It is no coincidence that the Incan cross – “chakana” is a 3-stepped symmetric "cross".  The 3 steps represent the 3 tiers or worlds that the Incan culture believed in, this number was also represented by their revered animals...

  • Chakana – Incan cross

    Chakana – Incan cross


    The stepped cross with four corners, ridged with three steps each is called the Incan cross or “Chacana”. The Chakana symbolizes the dynamic between the universe and the life it contains. Each of the three steps of one corner is believed to have meaning: