Video / Señora de Cao mummy


The most interesting is the grave recently discovered in El Brujo. Called la Señora de Cao, she is thought to have been dressed in the role of the Priestess and lived in 350 BC. This mummy was also an intact funerary context and an incredibly preserved body;  it is kept in the museum at the Temple. It has astonishingly well preserved skin on the bones of the mummy – all tattoos covering the body of Señora are clearly visible.

This was a very young woman: she died at about 20-25. But the presence of gold jewellery and other fine items indicates the mummy was that of an important person. It was the first evidence of women rulers in pre-Hispanic Peru, which was unusual for the Moche culture. It is still unknown how this small girl (only 145 cm (4.7 feet)) could come to power.

The tomb of la Señora de Cao was discovered in 2006. The tomb is very deep. Maybe that’s why it was not plundered by tomb raiders. The body of la Señora de Cao was wrapped in 26 layers – the scientists spent 6 months opening the mummy.

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