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ExploreByYourself is a site for travelers who dream of visiting Peru. The site has gathered everything that may help to organise your trip: information about airlines and tickets, prices for hotels and hostels, and travel within the country. The site is constantly updated with new information about routes and places of interest. If you don’t find an answer to any of your questions, please contact us! 

Peru is a wonderful country with vast amount of natural, historical, and cultural places of interest. Travelling about Peru is easy, but you will need to know some things during your travel around Peru. You will most likely visit a travel agency at least once and purchase a tour where you will be accompanied by a certified guide. The thing is, it is impossible to access certain places without a guide even if you boldly decided to travel in the country in a rented car or on foot. Such places include the famous hiking route to Machu Picchu via the Inca TrailManu National Park, and the Amazon Jungle. Here, it is important not only to book the tour beforehand (in the case of Inca Trail the tour must be booked 4-5 months in advance, as there is a limit of 500 persons per day and only 200 of them are tourists, the rest are accompanying staff), but also to choose suitable guides whom you can, without fear, walk in the jungles with a flashlight!

We work with the best companies and guides in Peru! You can book the tours you want on this site and your enquiry will be forwarded to these trusted Peruvian travel agencies and guides. 

Natalia Volchkova
Peru maven, founder of ExploreByYourself

How everything started

I love travelling and I like to organise my trips myself. The idea behind Peru. Explore By Yourself! project leaped into my mind when I was planning my first visit to Peru. I had to piece together the information about where, when and how to visit. When I arrived in Peru I understood that only a few people knew about all the interesting opportunities for travellers in this Country! During that trip I was improvising and I didn’t have the exact route. I was searching out local travel agencies and enquiring about the options they could offer.  
It was new to me that there was a daily limit on the number of tourists that were allowed to visit some of the most popular routes, and that a number of natural or historical sites could be visited only if accompanied by certified guides. These sites include, for example: the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Manu National Park and Amazon, Pastoruri Glacier and others. Therefore, these tours must be booked well in advance, especially during “high season” (June-September). Travellers who do not book the tours beforehand may not have a chance to visit the required route (which was the case with me on my first trip to Peru).  
There is large number of travel agencies and guides, but in my experience not all of them were reliable and knew their job. Some can simply “forget” to meet their tourists on dark rainy night in remote station, some knew about the flora and fauna of the jungle, and others, only a little bit more than their group of tourists.
That was when I thought that any traveller who decided to visit Peru may come across the same challenges; I wanted to help people get acquainted with the country that I fell in love with! I decided to launch a site that would contain all necessary information about places of interest in Peru and recommendations for travellers, and also will allow to select tours, map out your own route and book the tours with trusted Peruvian travel agencies and guides.

In my subsequent visits to Peru I have sought out the best and most reliable travel agencies, guides and interesting routes. In this site I share with you all that I discovered. I hope that Peru will give you as much joy as it has given to me and will share its wonders with you!

I will be very pleased if ExploreByYourself helps you to discover Peru! 

Natalia Volchkova

We can organise a trip of your lifetime!

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We look forward to working together to turn your dream trip into lifetime memories!

Natalia Volchkova
Peru maven, founder of ExploreByYourself
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