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Interesting Facts about Peru

The USA, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland and other countries purchase Peruvian cocoa beans to produce the chocolate. Peruvian cacao beans are very delicious. In 2010 Peru won a prestigious award from the Salon du Chocolat in Paris for the most aromatic cacao beans.

Hallucinogenic action of this vine is connected with harmaline and harmine contained in the brew. These alkaloids were known under the common name of "telepathine" due to the stimulation of "Extrasensory" perception. This substance evokes the feelings of an aerial journey, perception of the most gorgeous views in most people - both the Indians and "whites".

The Aymara are an indigenous ethnic group, living in the Lake Titicaca basin, in the border regions of Peru, Bolivia and Chile. The Aymara still retain many traditions of their ancestors, but their most interesting feature is their language.

Number 3 had a great significance for Incas. It is no coincidence that the Incan cross – “chakana” is a 3-stepped symmetric "cross". 

The stepped cross with four corners, ridged with three steps each is called the Incan cross or “Chacana”. The Chakana symbolizes the dynamic between the universe and the life it contains. Each of the three steps of one corner is believed to have meaning:

Unlike some other countries, you can bring a lot of unusual and qualitative souvenirs from Peru. And the prices are so cheap that you would want to say “Give me everything!”

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