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Unique language of Aymara Indians

The Aymara are an indigenous ethnic group, living in the Lake Titicaca basin, in the border regions of Peru, Bolivia and Chile. Several centuries ago the Aymara territory was wider and covered many Andean regions. The Aymara still retain many traditions of their ancestors, but their most interesting feature is their language.

The unique features of this language make it very compatible for machine translations. The programs first translate from source language to Aymara, then to the target language. This method ensures very high accuracy.

The uniqueness of the Aymara language is that, unlike other languages based on binary logic, the Aymara language is based on ternary logic. In addition to the main truth values “true” and “false”, the ternary logic considers the third value “unknown”, “undetermined”.

The Aymara set a high value on whether the speaker saw the described events himself/herself or not. The Aymara culture implies a great difference between “visible/invisible” and “known/unknown”, always highlighting such difference.

The new linguistic and gesture analysis by American scientists also asserts that the Aymara have an apparently unique understanding of time, and Aymara is one of the very few languages where speakers seem to represent the past as in front of them and the future as behind them.

Aymara people, Titicaca lake

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