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Souvenirs: what to bring back from Peru?

Unlike some other countries, you can bring a lot of unusual and qualitative souvenirs from Peru. And the prices are so cheap that you would want to say “Give me everything!”

Alpaca clothes: sweaters, hats, scarves, mitten, etc. They are unbelievably warm, soft, nice to touch and not prickly. Sweaters (chompa) are 30 to 60 Soles ($12-24). Beautiful scarves (chalina) are 10 Soles ($4). All depends on your ability to bargain.

There are also T-shirts with Machu Picchu, Peru flag imprints, etc. You need to buy in the market, not in the shops. The prices differ 4-5 times. In the market you can buy them for 8-12 Soles ($3-5).

Woven items: rugs (tapis), bed covers, pillow cases, napkins, cloth bags, kerchiefs, pashmina.They can be hand-made or machine-made. Handmade items are more expensive. Wall rug will cost you 30-40 Soles ($12-16). Napkins, pillow cases with sewed Inca symbols are 2 to 10 Soles ($1-4).

Jewellery: bracelets, necklaces, earrings.  For example, ceramic bracelets: colourful, bright, very funny. They are almost by weight: 3-5 bracelets will cost you 3-5 Soles ($11-17). Very beautiful silver and enamel items: pendants, earrings, rings. The pendant of medium size is about 35 Soles ($13), but if you can bargain you can buy them for 25 Soles.

Board games: chess and parchis. Wooden boards with wooden or ceramic pieces. The classical version include the figurines of the Incas and conquistadors. Wooden game pieces are more expensive – about 25 Soles ($9). Ceramic pieces are cheaper, you can buy them for 8-15 Soles ($3-6). Parchis is a board game for children. Maximum number of players is 4. Each player has 4 figures that he/she needs to move from point A to point B. Number of plays are determined with dice.

Various souvenirs: small painted pumpkins, beer openers, magnets, post cards, musical instruments (various whistles), leather photo albums, notebooks, pens-pencils, dolls, etc. All these small items are 1 Soles ($0.35). Mostly used plot for souvenirs: Incas calendar, images of Tumi and the Incan cross – Chakana.

Ceramics: mugs, plates, sugar-bowls, glasses, etc. The price is 3-5 Soles ($1-2). They sell a lot of pictures of various quality and price.

And of course paste for hot chocolate! 200 gram brisket (enough for 15-20 cups of hot chocolate) is about 4 Soles ($1.5). The prices are higher in the shops. You can also buy cinnamon and other spices in the market.

Pisco. Traditional grape vodka. A good quality pisco is about 20 Soles ($7) in the shop. It is several times expensive in the airport.

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Natalia Volchkova
Peru maven, founder of ExploreByYourself