Safety in Peru

In general Peru is a quiet and safe country. The Peruvians themselves always warn the tourists to be careful with their belongings and carry the camera over the shoulder and not on one shoulder. Theft is a rare event, but you better keep this in mind to avoid any unpleasant situation.

You must be very careful in Lima: use only official taxi-cabs, do not wear jewelry and do not go to districts that are not recommended to visit. In any city you can ask the employee of the hotel or taxi-driver what districts you need to avoid at nights. These are rational precautions that are actual in every country.

Our recommendations:

  • Take care of your belongings to avoid theft. Don’t carry your backpack on your back and camera on one shoulder. Don’t leave your things and suitcases unattended.
  • Do not carry originals of your documents. You can leave them in the hotel safe and take copies.
  • Don’t exchange money on the street, only in the bank!
  • At nights avoid the streets in unknown districts away from tourist centres.
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Natalia Volchkova
Peru maven, founder of ExploreByYourself
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