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Amazing Peru

Two unforgettable weeks in Peru!

Experience the best of what Peru can offer:

  • Lima – City of the Kings on the coast of Pacific ocean
  • Penguins and sea lions on Ballestas islands
  • Mysterious Nasca lines
  • Buggy and sandboarding in huge sand dunes of Paracas
  • Arequipa – the White city surrounded by volcanos
  • Condors flying in the second deepest canyons of the world
  • Floating islands of Titicaca lake
  • Cusco – the capital of the Inca Empire
  • Majestic ruins of Sacred Valley
  • Famous Inka Trail to Machu Picchu!
  • Breathtaking sunrise in Machu Picchu
  • Unbelievable colors of Rainbow Mountain
  • Peruvian gastronomy – the best in South America
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NB: This itinerary can be customized according on your request. 

Arrival in Lima, meet and greet at the airport, transfer to your hotel. Stay in Lima.

During the 16th and 17th centuries Lima was considered the most beautiful city of the colonial America and was referred to as the Ciudad de los Reyes (City of the Kings). Beautiful buildings in baroque style facades for Spanish nobles were appearing around the main square full of bustling life and booming trade. The oldest university of the continent - Saint Marcos University was established in Lima in 1551. Pieces of old splendour can be seen even today in central districts of Lima.

In the morning, we will have a tour through Lima’s streets and plazas. Starting at “Parque del Amor” in Miraflores, with a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean, and then we are heading to the Huaca Pucllana, ceremonial center of the Lima culture, for a panoramic view. After this, we go on to the Main Square where the Government Palace and the Town Hall are located. We will visit the Cathedral and explore the Santo Domingo Convent.  San Martin de Porres and San Rosa de Lima used to walk down its corridors in 17th century. Their remains rest here today. Total tour duration: approximately 3.5 hours. Return to the hotel.

In the afternoon our tour will continue. We will learn about the ancient Peruvian inhabitants in the Larco Museum. It's hosted in a colonial mansion unique of its kind that dates to the 18th century, and built on top of a Pre-Columbian pyramid of the 7th century. The exposition doesn't let anyone indifferent: there are golden masks and jewely of the incas, fabulous dresses and arms of other ancient civilization, fantastic collection of erotic ceramics of Moche culture.

Our next stop: an antique Tavern where we will taste some delicious Peruvian sandwiches accompanied by a cocktail made of Pisco, our flagship liquor. Finally, we will head for the Magic Water Circuit, the largest water and light show in Latin America. We will witness the greatest show of Ornamental Fountains with its perfect communion and harmony of water, light, music and images. Total tour duration: approximately 4 hours. Return to the hotel.

Overnight stay in Lima. 

In the morning departure to Paracas Bay in the exclusive “Paracas Premium Service”. We will go the airport of Pisco to fly over the Nazca lines.

First we will fly over the wonderful Ocucaje Valley, where the mountains keep the 150-million year-old marine fossil remains. Then we will continue to Santa Cruz, Palpa, Viscas and Ingenio Valleys, development sites of Paracas and Nazca cultures (800 BC - AD 700). We also will see the peculiar Nazca Lines, recognizing the Monkey, Dog, Condor, Spider, Hummingbird, among others geoglyphs.

Flight duration 1 hour and 40 min.

Airport tax USD 4,19 per person is NOT included and should be paid directly at the airport before boarding.

Return to the hotel and time to rest and relax.

In the afternoon you will experience something really different full of adventure and adrenalin. You will go out from Paracas till 253 km of Pan-American Highway. Here you will get in our buggies. You will be able to choose diverse routes: plain dunes or dunes that require going up and down from 3m to 90 m high. You will have a chance to take some pictures and practice some sandboarding. 

Overnight stay in Paracas.

Early in the morning transfer to Paracas Luxury Collection pier, where at 08:20 we will embark on a boat tour to the Ballestas Islands. The “Chandelier”, a giant figure marked in the sand in the style of the Nazca lines, can also be seen on our way to the islands. 

Ballestas Islands is a place where you can observe the life of penguins, sea lions, and many species of birds. You may see dolphins during boat trips to the islands. If you visit the islands in March you will see female sea lions with babies – large numbers of these animals occupy the sandy beaches near the islands.

There are always people in Ballestas Islands collecting 'guano' (bird droppings), which is the best fertilizer. In 19th century guano was valued more than gold and trading it made Peru a very rich country. When the first guano collectors arrived here these birds had accumulated guano reserves as deep as 20 to 70m (66 to 236 feet)!

Tour duration: approximately 2 hours. Return to the hotel and check-out.

At the arranged time transfer to the bus station and departure to Lima by Cruz del Sur regular bus (does not include an assistance on board).

Upon arrival, reception and transfer to the airport to board the flight to Arequipa.

Arrival in Arequipa, reception, transfer and accommodation at the hotel.

Overnight stay in Arequipa.

Incl: breakfast

This morning we set off to the spectacular Colca Valley going up the foothills of Chachani volcano and admiring the Misti and Pichu Pichu Volcanoes. Then we cross the vicuñas reservation of Pampa Cañahuas where we can see these gracious animals run free on the high Andean plateau. Peculiar villages will be around us. We will stop at El Chino restaurant for a short break, and at the Patapampa viewpoint, the highest point on our journey (4900 m).

We will then enjoy a buffet lunch at a local restaurant in Chivay town. Transfer to the hotel and check-in.

Free afternoon to rest and enjoy the hotel.

Overnight stay in the Colca Valley.

INC: breakfast / lunch

Early in the morning (around 06:00) we will check out and go to the Condor Cross viewpoint with our luggage.

Here we will witness the amazing flight of the condors, huge Andean birds on the brink of extinction and symbol of the Andes Mountain Range. The view at this place allows us to appreciate the canyon’s depth, considered to be one of the deepest in the world.

We will also visit the Maca and Yanque towns, which still keep the colonial churches.

Buffet lunch at a local restaurant, and departure to Puno by a tourist bus with panoramic stops en route.

Our first stop will be at the Patapampa Viewpoint, located at 4900 M.A.S.L, there is a majestic sight of the volcanoes (Misti, Chachani, Sabancaya and Ampato). Here, we can also find the “Apachetas” (hundreds of years ago, travelers used to build small towers of rock as an offering to the gods to ensure themselves a safe comeback).

The next stop will be at the El Chino restaurant, located in Patawasi. Here we offer our passengers a snack and our traditional “Mate de Coca”, we can also rest for some minutes and buy souvenirs. It’s a good idea to use the bathroom at the restaurant. Continuing our journey, if the weather is kind enough, an additional stop will be made to appreciate the panoramic view of the Andean plateau. Finally, our last stop will be at Lagunillas, groups of small lakes and Andean Flamingos wait for us at this point.

We will arrive to Puno bus station approximately between 19:15 to 19:45 hours.

Upon arrival reception, transfer and accommodation at the hotel.

Overnight stay in Puno.

INC: breakfast / lunch

At around 06:45 transfer to the Puno port for a full day tour to explore Lake Titicaca. First we will visit the Uros islands and the friendly inhabitants of these handmade islands made of totora reeds. Then it’s off to Taquile Island, a place in which the settlers still maintain their ancestral traditions and colorful typical clothes. A great opportunity to explore the island and get the best view of the lake. A typical lunch is provided on the island. Return to the city in the afternoon. Total tour duration: approximately 10 hours. 

Overnight stay in Puno.

INC: breakfast / lunch

In the morning, private transfer to the bus station. Departure on a tour bus to Cusco (up to 10 hours). On the way, we’ll stop to visit the attractions this beautiful route has to offer. Our first stop: the Pucara Museum. It is the village where the local classic bull shaped ceramics comes from. They say it brings luck and prosperity.

The next stop: Racchi, Temple of the Wiracocha god where the walls and narrow streets stand out. Before our destination, we will stop at Andahuaylillas for a visit to its beautiful chapel. We will arrive in Cusco at the end of the afternoon. Reception, transfer and accommodation at the selected hotel.

Overnight stay in Cusco.

INC: breakfast / lunch

We will drive up the Archaeological Park of Sacsayhuaman and visit the fortress with the same name, a beautiful place that radiates peace and quiet, where we will be able to admire the huge rocks measuring up to 4 meters high that were used in its construction. We will then head for Q'enqo, and ancient temple of the Puma, where we will be able to appreciate an altar for sacrifices in the inner part of a huge rock, and then Tambomachay, sacred fountains of life and health. On the way we will have a panoramic view from Puca Pucara, a watchtower that controlled the entrance to the city. 

Then we will visit the Temple of the Sun “The Korikancha”, on top of which the Saint Dominique Convent was built. A legend tells that this temple was entirely lined in gold sheets that marveled the conquistadors upon their arrival. We will then go to the Main Square and will visit the Cathedral that treasures priceless colonial paintings and other works of art such as the Cross that arrived with the first conquerors. 

Overnight stay in Cusco. 

INC: breakfast 

The Sacred Valley of the Incas will welcome us today. We will visit Awanacancha, a tourist complex where we will see and feed the Andean camelids such as the llamas and alpacas, and where the locals will show us the weaving and dyeing techniques of their traditional textiles. We will then continue to Inca and Colonial Pisac. We will explore one of the most beautiful archeological sites in the Sacred Valley at the top of the mountain with a view of the colonial town of Pisac. We will have a walking tour to the Colonial town and time to do some shopping at the handicraft market.

Then, we will head to the impressive Inkariy Museum. Here we will enjoy a delicious lunch. We will take a guided tour of the museum to learn more about the numerous rooms where cultural representations of pre-Hispanic civilizations of ancient Peru are exhibited. After the tour transfer and accommodation at the hotel. 

Музей Инкарий в Долине Инков, Куско, Перу

Overnight stay in the Sacred Valley. 

INC: breakfast / lunch

Our adventure continues exploring the less visited treasures of the Sacred Valley of the Incas. We will start in Moray where the view is awesome due to the colossal concentric terraces simulating an amphitheater. The purpose of it: to recreate 20 different types of microclimates, a measure that guaranteed the agricultural production of the empire.

After that, we will go to Maras, the famous and millenary salt mines from colonial times. The contrast of the white wells and the green valley is awesome and a must for a spectacular snapshot of the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Buffet lunch. In the afternoon, we will visit the archaeological site of Ollantaytambo, where we will be able to learn about the technique with which the Incas worked the stones. Return to the hotel in Cusco.

Overnight stay in Cusco.

INC: breakfast / lunch

In the morning, transfer to Ollanta train station. Your train will go up to 104 km. At this point after checking our entrances and passports with Machu Picchu Park rangers, we will start trekking for approximately 3 hours with Chachabamba archaeological complex visit, and then up to the well-preserved remains of Wiñay Wayna (2,900 m.a.s.l). On the way, we will see beautiful waterfalls, native flora and mountain birds. After box-lunch, we will have time to rest and then continue the trekking till the Inti Punku, the Inca Gate of the Sun. We will enjoy fast exploring of Machu Picchu site and then take shuttle bus down to Machu Picchu Pueblo. Upon arrival, short walk and accommodation at the hotel. Dinner at the hotel. 

Overnight in Machu Picchu Pueblo.

INC: breakfast / box lunch / dinner

At the arranged time, meet the guide at lobby and short walk to the station to board shuttle bus to go up the winding road to Machu Picchu, amid a spectacular view of the Urubamba River and its canyon. The Lost City of the Incas, Machu Picchu, will astonish us with its terraces, ceremonial shrines, steps and urban areas. Energy is all around us. After a guided visit (up to 2.5 hours), we will take the bus back to Machu Picchu Pueblo.

Free time for lunch. 

At the arranged time, we will return to Cusco and will be taken to the selected hotel.

Overnight stay in Cusco.

INC: breakfast

Very early in the morning (at 03:00 am), we will start our journey across Valle Sur toward Quechuyno, which is the starting point of our hike to the Cerro Colorado or 7-color Mountain (Rainbow Mountain), located about 100 km. southeast of Cusco city. After enjoying a traditional breakfast in the area, we will start our 2-and-a-half-hour hike to reach the control center and enter this mystical place. 

We will observe how colors around us change due to the weather. We will reach an altitude of 5,000 meters, approximately, which is the top of this mysterious mountain. Geological formations will reveal all its splendor; the contrast of the blue sky creates a formidable line between the coast desert and the Amazon jungle, guided by the beautiful Ausangate. At the arranged time, return to Cusco.

Overnight stay in Cusco.

INC: breakfast / box-lunch

Hotel check-out.

Transfer to Cusco airport. Airport assistance to board your Lima flight.

Arrival and international flight connection.

INC: breakfast  

End of our services.

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Tourist category 3 ★ hotels 3161 $ 3777 $ 3067 $
First category 4 ★ hotels 3484 $ 4318 $ 3335 $

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